Working at Hayleys Fabric

We put people at the center of everything we do. Hayleys Fabric is more oriented towards people, products and brands - than systems.

The textile industry is one of the most technologically advanced businesses in the world. Our employees provide us the competitive edge to be a reputed manufacturer of Cotton and Synthetic fabric in the region. Keeping our employees safe, healthy and engaged is our top priority.

We have created a fulfilling working environment that puts the emphasis on individual responsibility, opportunity and autonomy. We strive to maintain a culture of open and constructive dialog with employees, believing it would help is make better decisions and develop stronger relations with workforce. Hayleys Fabric believes that our employees have the right to join organizations of their own choosing, such as trade unions, and to engage in constructive negotiations.

Working at HF

We will invest in your development, both to equip you with the technical skills to do your current job and ensure you have a fulfilling, long-term career in line with your strengths and ambitions. Equally, you will be able to tap into the deep-rooted expertise of our business. The greatest aspect of working at Hayleys Fabric is the opportunity we offer to our employees to learn, grow and contribute.

Our values

Our core values guides us in the work we do, every day.

We believe in abiding by a set of strong values which is an essential thread for the proper conduct of business. These fundamental values are at the core of our every decision and are practiced throughout the entire organization.

Integrity - 'do the right thing' - managing with honesty, efficiency, and reliability always.

Accountability - holding ourselves responsible to deliver what we promise.

Quality - delivering excellent standards consistently.

Service - 'customer decides' - putting our customer at the center of all our activities.

Innovation - invent in services and technologies to improve on what we do.

People - to build our team to create value to stakeholders.

Good Citizenship - caring for the communities in which we work, and being environmentally responsible in all we do.

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