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We offer our customers with end to end solutions from design to manufacturing of pure and blended polyester and cotton fabric. We differentiate ourselves through deep understanding of our customer needs, innovative product portfolio, quality fabrics according to specifications, and timely delivery.

Our production facility is one of the most diversified fabric mills capable of Knitting, Dyeing, Printing, Brushing, Sueding and Finishing pure and blended polyester and cotton fabric.

Raw Material

Raw material

We source high quality raw materials from suppliers who are certified for their social and environmental management practices. We place strict attention on the right quality of our raw materials in responding to our customer demands.

Yarn, the main raw material is sourced from the region. Dyes and Chemicals are too, sourced from the region and from Europe. All raw material are inspected to ensure that they meet the stipulated quality standards which form the core of our quality fabric.

Color Lab

Colour Laboratory

Our colour laboratory is equipped with latest Datacolour - colour management system which is used to formulate dye recipes.

Spectra readings are taken for all lab-dips to ensure DELTA values are maintained below the specified limits.

Lab-dips are continually evaluated to ensure highest quality is met with lowest cost.



Knitting is converting thread or yarn into semi-finished cloth, which is known as greige.

We produce weft-knit fabric using Orizio, Santec, Fukushara and Mayer knitting machines. These knitting machines are capable of producing Single Jersey, Double Jersey (also known as Interlock) and Rib fabrics. We also possess a comprehensive Flat Knit knitting section which is used to produce bands and collars.

Our mill is capable of producing variety of designs or structures on weft-knit fabrics, such as Pique, Waffle, Slub yarn designs, Metallic yarn designs, Inlay (loopback).

Greige is inspected on line to ensure our fabrics are free from any defects while being manufactured in our Knitting department. Quality assurance department re-inspects the greige to ensure that only fabrics of the right quality are passed on to the next process.



Dyeing is adding color to the knitted fabric giving it a rich and exuberant appeal. We are capable of dyeing pure and blended cotton and polyester fabric.

Our dye-house is equipped with Sclavos, Thiese, and Fongs dyeing machines. Dye-house operations are controlled using the Sedo and OrgaTEX systems while the color of the fabric is achieved and repeated by an automated chemical despising system.



Textile printing is the process of applying color to fabric in sharply definite patterns and/or designs.

Our CAD division in the printing department is equipped with the latest CAD/CAM software from AVA, and our screen engraving and screen preparation divisions uses the laser engraving technology to engrave print screens to ensure accuracy consistency.

Our eight color Rotary screen printing machines are capable of producing full coverage prints, vertical stripes, prints with tight registration or intricate designs on Cotton, cotton-blends, polyester, polyester-blends, viscose fabrics, including Pigment printing.



Brushing, Raising or Napping gives the fabric a soft, slightly weathered, broken-in feel. Fabric is brushed by using a fuzzy surface by abrading the cloth and pulling the fiber end to the surface.



Sueding gives the fabric a soft smooth sensational feeling and it also modifies the appurtenance of the fabric. Fabric can be sueded on one side or on both sides.



Shearing is a dry, permanent finish used to create a uniform surface of napped or pile fabrics. This fabric cutting operation determines the height of the fiber and cuts off any fibers that is irregularly raised during the raising process. Sheared fabric has the appearance of velvet fabric and has a soft hand feel.



Combing removes the fuzz and gives a smooth appurtenance to the fabric.



Finishing is the process of converting the fabric into usable form with improved look, performance and ‘hand’ feel. The closing link of the manufacturing process, Finishing ensures the final look and feel of the product as specified by our customers.

We use world class finishing machinery from Babcock, Santex, Sperotto Rimar and Tong Yang with in-built automatic controls to warrant the precise physical parameters of all fabric we produce. Moisture management, water repellent, UV protection, Aguacate, Anti-microbial are some of our finishing capabilities.

Fabrics are inspected on line at the finishing stage to ensure the physical parameters are achieved. Fabric with the right quality are passed on to the next Quality assurance division.

Quality Control

Final Inspection / Quality Control

We deliver excellent and consistent quality standards throughout the company to delight our customers worldwide.

All fabrics are subjected to 100% final inspection for visual defects, colour inconsistencies/accuracy and physical properties to right quality fabric is delivered to our customers.

We ensure that our Quality Policy is communicated and understood at all levels of the organization

Process Control

Process control

SAP-ERP system is used to seamlessly integrate all of our business functions including Sales & Marketing, Procurement, Warehousing, Production, Finance and Controlling.

FastReact is used for production planning. Especially made for the textile and fashion industry - FastReact provides solutions for clear coordination between Sales & Marketing, Procurement and Production, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

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