Our Strategy

Our ambition is to be an innovative textile manufacturer that creates value, over volume.

For 20 plus years we have enhanced our customers by offering quality product and a speedy service. We are pursuing our strategy by setting clear goals, innovating and employing our distinctive capabilities. We have built our success by anticipating the future and continuously adapting ourselves to seize the opportunities it presents.

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Our customer centric strategy is focused on building confidence with the brand-owners. Our focused is on innovation, which is fast developing into a core competency. Hayleys Fabric’s dedicated team of fabric engineers have designed and developed over 100 new products during the past years. More than 60% of these products has been commercialised. By offering novel fabrics, we are in a position to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and to attract premium global fashion brands. We use are innovation capability to widen our market share thus increasing the potential for more profitable business.

Our aim is to meet today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, and to do so in a way which will ensure profitable growth year after year and a high level of returns for our shareholders and value for society at large, over the long-term.


To be the most Sought after manufacturer of fabric in South Asia


To attract premier clothing brands in the world, through Innovation, Speed, Reliability, Quality and High Service levels whilst aligning our business strategies to stakeholder needs.


Our belief is in abiding by a set of strong values which is an essential thread for the proper conduct of business. These fundamental values are at the core of our every decision and are practiced throughout the entire organization.

Integrity - 'do the right thing' - managing with honesty, efficiency, and reliability always.

Accountability - holding ourselves responsible to deliver what we promise.

Quality - delivering excellent standards consistently.

Service - 'customer decides' - putting our customer at the center of all our activities.

Innovation - invent in services and technologies to improve on what we do.

People - to build our team to create value to stakeholders.

Good Citizenship - caring for the communities in which we work, and being environmentally responsible in all we do.

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